Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tonight's the night!

Art by Dana Sullivan

It's here. Our Winter Celebration. The party, exhibit, and cookie-fest of the year! 

By now, your eyes are blurred from our flurry of reminders and factoids. But because we love you, and want to see you, here are several eensy-weensy tidbits to keep in mind before you hit the road:

1. If you just changed your mind, or your plans changed, and HEY! YOU'RE COMING AT THE LAST MINUTE, please note that you cannot register for this event online via the Cvent invitation you received way back in the fall. The online preregistration period closed last week, but never fear! You can pay at the door (again: $20 SCBWI WWA members, $25 for non-members).

2. If you're bringing COOKIES, please feel free (pretty please!) to bring along a written recipe so those of us who become your insta-fans can try out your delectables in the comforts of our own kitchens. Not required, but hey, knowledge is power (and cravings can be mighty powerful as well)!

3. There will be an EVENING PARKING RATE for the Convention Center. (We think it's $6, but don't quote us. At least it's an after-hours rate, right?)

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