Friday, December 27, 2013

Thank You, Tina Claus!

Hey you illustrators, it looks like our show at the Convention Center is on track to get 5000 views on the STQRY app! Can you believe that? When was the last time one of your pieces got 5000 views? I know some of you vets have been so fortunate (and talented), but for me, this is a BIG, BIG first! I want to thank Tina Hoggatt for the ton of hard work she put in behind the scenes to make this show happen in the first place and then to make sure we got the recognition and views! Let's hear a big, fat huzzah for our own Tina! (and sorry about the Santa suit, Teen, but Momma Matzoh just doesn't have the same recognition) note: illustrations gathered from the latest Chinook posts, so pardon omissions.

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