Thursday, November 30, 2017

Regional December Events

December 2
Martha Brockenbrough and Susan Adrian fill Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park with holiday cheer for LOVE, SANTA and NUTCRACKED.

December 3
Join Janet Lee Carey for a Chickens Christmas story time and sing along at The Neverending Bookshop. For more family fun, attend the  Bothell Tree Lighting ceremony at 5 pm, then come to the bookstore for cozy cocoa, yummy treats and the Chickens Christmas Celebration! 

December 3
HERE WE ARE with Oliver Jeffers at University Bookstore. Tickets required.

December 6
The Critique Group Roadshow hits Issaquah!


December 6
Northern Network MeetingCome share new work and get feedback on it. Bring a picture book manuscript, a few pages of a novel, or a few illustrations, and we’ll celebrate your creativity!
(Don’t be timid. We promise not to throw rotten tomatoes at you! :) )

Date: Wednesday, December 6, 20177:00 p.m.
Location: The Bellingham Barnes & Noble (4099 Meridian Street)
Questions? Email Rebecca at

December 6
The Other Side: SCBWI Peninsula Kidlit Drink Night, Wednesday December 6th  6 pm at The Pourhouse. We have the “Living Room Space” reserved. Just look for the friendly faces!
Share news, tips, support and conversation. Hope to see new and old faces, pre-published, published children’s book authors and illustrators and those involved in children’s books in any way.

December 9
Suzanne Kaufman reads Confiscated at Third Place Books in Seward Park.

December 9
Corinna Luyken will be on hand at Secret Garden for the Ballard Art Walk.

December 13
SCBWI WWA December meeting, book donation, and cookie-fest! 

December 15
The Whatsits (Kevan Atteberry, Ben Clanton, Jennifer Mann, Elizabeth Rose Stanton, and Wendy Wahman!) will be at University Bookstore talking and signing books. 

December 18 ⛄️
In lieu of an office party, join us an SCBWI WWA Holiday Happy Hour, 6-8, at Percy's in Ballard! Good cheer, HH prices on food and drinks, plus a tarot reader on site. Kick off the holidays with some creative comrades! 

December 20
The Critique Group Road Show hits Tacoma!

Events will be added periodically.  Did we miss something? 
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Double-check times and whatnot with bookstores before you set out for events. If you snap a great picture, tag us at @scbwiwwa on Instagram and/or Twitter, and we'll try to repost. If you have good news or an event coming up, let us know!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Book Events

November 9
William Joyce will be at Third Place Books Ravenna to talk about SANTA CALLS.

November 10
Shannon Messenger is at University Bookstore to talk about NIGHTFALL, the latest in her Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

November 12
Join Suzanne Kaufman for the launch party of CONFISCATED! at Secret Garden at 3 p.m.

November 15
The Peninsula Network meets up for a Kid Lit Drink Night at The Pourhouse in Port Townsend at 6 p.m.! All welcome.

November 15, too
Marissa Meyer shares RENEGADES, the first book in her new series, at Third Place Books LFP. Signing line tickets available with purchase.

November 19
Up and comer Jeff Kinney rolls into town to make THE GETAWAY from University Bookstore. Tickets required.

November 19: 19th Harder

November 25
Join Elizabeth Rose Stanton for a special story time at Third Place Books, Seward Park!

December 3
HERE WE ARE with Oliver Jeffers at University Bookstore. Tickets required.

Double-check times and whatnot with bookstores before you set out for events. If you snap a great picture, tag us at @scbwiwwa on Instagram and/or Twitter, and we'll try to repost. If you have good news or an event coming up, let us know!

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Featured Illustrator: Faith Pray

Faith Pray is our Featured Illustrator for November/December! Faith was the Booster Award winner at the 25th SCBWI Western Washington Conference for Writers and Illustrators this past spring. Faith is a book-loving writer/illustrator living in Port Townsend, Washington. She regularly wrangles four wildebeest-children, and make art and stories in all her extra corners.

Can you briefly explain your creative process, favorite mediums, etc?
I work mostly in pencils, colored pencils, watercolor, and watercolor sticks, but am always exploring new feels.

I'm drawn to pencils. It's my most portable medium, and keeps me without excuse when traveling to kids' soccer practices and violin lessons. Blackwing animator pencils are quite fun, because the eraser is bundled into the pencils, so I have less chance of losing my eraser or having it get all smudged-up from lead.  

I like to add color and texture in with watercolor paints, Polycolor oil pencils, Prismacolors, watercolor sticks, and Graphitint sticks. After I have a base drawing or painting, I scan it to my computer and tidy everything up with Photoshop.

Where do you find your ideas? Do you have a process?
I try to carve out sketch and dream time every day. I read. I fill sketchbooks and notebooks with concepts, scribbles, characters, sketches. It also helps that I am surrounded by kids 15 hours a day. Kids are my daily source of oddity and inquiry.

I have a burning goal to make art and words happen every day. If I miss a day of creative breath, I get itchy. I think that constant creative practice helps grow my ideas.

How do you deal with creative blocks?
I use sticky notes to shuffle a story that's confusing. I switch from words to sketches if my story won't eek out. I switch to words if my sketches need more story. I have out-loud arguments - with myself - and often. I read books on craft.  I hunt for story lightning to strike, and if it doesn't, I keep hunting.

I push myself with online illustration challenges. In different seasons, I've enjoyed SCBWI's monthly "Draw It" prompts, Twitter's #Colour_Collective weekly prompts, as well as prompts from illustrator friends.

Who are your illustrator heroes?

Did you have any favorite children’s books as a child?
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken.
Rainbabies (Laura Mehmed, Jim LaMarche)
The Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker.

What’s inspiring you and your work right now?
I'm inspired any time I get to play with pencils and paint. Extra inspired when I get to connect with illustrator and writer friends, meet up at conferences, or have virtual chats. I'm thrilled to be taking a Writing for Children class with SCBWI-WWA's Jolie Stekly this Fall.

Any words of wisdom you want to share?
I really want a magic wand that will magick me into an accomplished author/illustrator, but my best magic spell is still the tried-and-true one: Keep it up. Every day. Don't give up.

And as much as I want to grow into a published author-illustrator, I want even more to be a learner, to create my best, find joy in the making, and spread love wherever I go.

I'm thankful for each day I get to put my creative spin into the world, and so grateful for this booster award. Thank you, SCBWI-WWA!

Thank you, Faith!
You can view Faith Pray’s portfolio here.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SCBWI WWA November meeting next week in BELLEVUE!

Our November meeting is coming up this Wednesday, November 8, 7-9pm, and 
this month only the meeting will be held at Bellevue College N201.

Not sure where to go? Here's a map, and there's free parking (look for signs). Join us for Poetry Power with Sean Petrie & Critique Group 101 with Mark Maciejewski.

Poetry Power
Want to break through writer’s block? Add some panache to your prose? On-the-spot poetry does both! Discover how the process of creating instant poetry can help put words on the page, enliven your writing, and even generate new story ideas. Poetry can provide tools for overcoming writer’s block, boost writing confidence, enliven existing text, and produce new story ideas. Plus, it’s fun.
There will be vintage typewriters on hand, if you want to try it old-school style!

Critique Group 101
Join I Am Fartacus author Mark Maciejewski as he shares best practices for creating productive and lasting critique groups. He is a member of an intensive weekly critique group, The Papercuts, which he counts as a major factor in his writing success.