Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Very Special Request

Cheryl Klein, Arthur Levine, and many other people at Scholastic and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have been working hard to help someone's dream come true— and we can all help!

Cheryl writes:

"Over a year ago, we were contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation regarding a young Seattle-area writer named Stephanie Trimberger (who was 13 at the time; she’s 15 now) who has brain cancer. Her dream was to have her novel edited by “the Harry Potter editors,” so Arthur and I read it and wrote her an encouraging editorial letter, and she began working on revisions.  A year went by and we didn’t hear anything more, but she finished her book and she wanted us to take one last look. 

Thanks to the terrific coordination of a lot of people here, we not only managed to edit it in about 24 hours, but we typeset the manuscript and created a gorgeous cover for it; and with the help of an extraordinarily generous donation from the printer, 300 copies of Stephanie’s THE RUBY HEART have now been printed. Now the local Make-A-Wish Chapter in Seattle is working with the Pacific Place Barnes and Noble to host an event for her next Tuesday – they’ll pick her up in a limo and deliver her to the B&N, where she’ll do a reading and sign copies.

...It would be so wonderful to have a big audience there to applaud her accomplishment and make it a great day for her. Stephanie is a huge reader of YA and fantasy fiction; she lost her mom to brain cancer nine years ago, and it sounds like she’s been writing about that long. I’m sure ALL writers can symptathize with her dream to publish a book, and it should be an amazing evening in seeing that dream fulfilled."

How about it, SCBWI Western Washington? Can we help make it the night of her dreams?

[Edited to add: 300 copies of the book have been generously donated and will be available free of charge. Hopefully there can be a big crowd of people to help Stephanie have a dream author moment. ]

Tuesday, September 25
6:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Pacific Place
600 Pine Street Suite 107
Seattle, WA 98101

You can RSVP and see more details on the Facebook page.

See you there!


Unknown said...

Hi, I would like to purchase a copy of "The Ruby Heart". Could you kindly direct me to a location to where I can make a purchse? I reside in Dobson, North Carolina, U.S.A.. Thank you, Linda Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Will this book go on sale for the general public?

EmilyBR said...

So sorry: The book was printed in limited supply for the booksigning itself. Should there be more available or if an ebook version is published, there will be a future announcement.

--Chinook Update