Friday, September 7, 2012

You're invited to September's Kid Lit Drink Night!

With September’s Kid Lit Pub Night in ascendance
It’s time to do something ‘bout our sorry attendance.

Why the poor turnout on these nights out together?
Shouldn’t we flock to our birds of like feather?
Is it because our butts are placed firmly in chair?
And to leave for a drink or a bite we don’t dare?

What nonsense! You know that our butts should be moved
And a drink makes the stuff from our pens much improved
For not only does drinking bring on the good cheer
Look what it’s done for these famous careers:

The woman who started it all, Mother Goose
Wrote her best rhymes only when thoroughly juiced
And Bemelmans’ penchant for drink went so far
That the creator of Madeline now has his own bar

Sendak, the master, so recently departed
Used Jager to get his wild rumpuses started
And those Berenstains may have drawn bears oh so mild
But the cops say their parties tended to get really wild

Now you see that your writing career might depend
On how many drinks of good cheer you upend
A night out with friends might just give you the perk
To go back to your chair and do your best work!
So on Mercer Island at the Roanoke, September 22
With sketchbook in hand, I’ll be looking for you
From 5 until 7, and maybe ‘til 9
We’ll talk about kid lit over beer, booze or wine
Rhyming couplets and gorgeous illustrated invitation by Dana Sullivan

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Sarah Romano Diehl said...

Love it! What great reasons to get sauced.