Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily News...

Some good news for Lois V. Harris! Lois was interviewed on the Children's Authors & Illustrators on Facebook by Simon Rose. Check out the interview here. You can find more information about Lois on her website.

Peg Cheng passes on this great travel tip for those traveling to the SCBWI Conference in New York!
I thought that SCBWI members who are going to the NYC conference in January might want to know about Alaska Airlines' screaming good Hot Deals on Ice airfare sale. It's only $100 each way to Newark (which is a great airport to fly into to get to NYC)! Here's the link for the deal.

Today is the last day to answer our November Monthly Question! Click here to see the post, and answer the question. We'll have the answers up tomorrow with December's Question!!!

Redmond/Woodinville carpool wanted

Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/seabird/
Vijaya Bodach would like to organize a carpool of Eastsiders from the Redmond/Woodinville area to the monthly Professional Series Meetings in Seattle. If you are interested in joining such a carpool, please email her directly at mivimax (at) msn (dot) com. Thanks!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Barbara Caridad Ferrer Book Signing

Fellow SCBWI member Barbara Caridad Ferrer is going to be having a signing at Third Place Books (in Lake Forest Park) December 7, at 7 p.m., celebrating the release of her third YA novel, WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE.

From Third Place's description: An alluring novel of passion, ambition, temptation and a young woman’s discovery of the meaning of love. In this contemporary interpretation of Bizet's Carmen in which the fiery gypsy is reinvented as a modern-day dancer, torn between the attentions of an intense music prodigy and a dashing soccer player, Ferrer brings to the page a story so lush and enthralling, you won’t be able to put it down.

Barbara is fairly new to the Washington area, so come out and say hello!! You can find out more information about Barbara and her work at her website.

Minus Thirteen.

So you want to write a novel?

Chins up, writers! You're way ahead of this bear-like thing. Many thanks to Maureen Johnson for the link.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Contest for NaNoWriMo Participants...

Fellow SCBWI member Jennifer Wolf's agent, Sara Megibow, who's with the Nelson Literary Agency, has offered to read the first thirty pages of one of this year's NaNoWriMo's participants. Through, Ashely March, a historical romance writer, NaNoWriMo participants can enter a first thirty pages contest. Here's the link (the post includes contest eligibility). You have until Tuesday November 30 to enter.

Remember: Kid Lit Pub Night THIS Monday!

Now that the snow has melted, it's time for the rescheduled Kid Lit Pub Night! This time we'll be on the Eastside, at Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub in Bellevue on Monday, November 29, from 7 to 9 p.m. The food and beer (and cider!) will be delicious, and there's even a Monday night steak and chips special for $4.99. You may want to get there early as Snowflake Lane festivities will be starting at the same time (or watch them first, and then come join us!).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Featured Illustrator

Hey Fellow SCBWI members!! Make sure you check out the new Featured Illustrator on our website. It's Arree Chung, the grand prize winner of this year's conference portfolio show. The page link is here. You can also find more of Arree's work on his website.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KidLit Pub Night postponed one week (we hope)

Bid for a good cause! Bid for holiday presents! Bid for fun!

Are you planning on attending our 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference? You might want to consider this. SCBWI Western Washington is offering a package to benefit YA writer, librarian, and friend of the region Bridget Zinn.

  • Registration for our 20th Annual Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference on April 16-17, 2011 in Redmond, Washington.
  • One 10-minute manuscript, dummy, or art sample consultation with the conference faculty member of YOUR CHOICE (Choose from five editors, four agents, an art director, and a variety of authors and illustrators). *
  • 1 year of regional programming with a subscription for The Chinook, our quarterly newsletter full of articles, advice, marketing information, and more!
  • SCBWI WWA's Nuts & Bolts, A booklet full of writing & illustrating answers, encouragement, resources, etc.
  • A gift pack of miscellaneous SCBWI merchandise!
  • And chocolate.

* This is your ONLY CHANCE to ensure that you will receive a consultation with the person of your choosing. We haven't announced who is coming yet, but our 20th will be a doozy. The line-up is amazing.

In addition to the the SCBWI WWA package, there is a whole slew of other auction items to choose from. A few of us are offering a 50-page manuscript critique, Suzanne Williams and Joan Holub donated their 4-book GODDESS GIRL series, Bonny Becker has donated a signed first edition of A BEDTIME FOR BEAR with a Mouse and Bear plush toy, and there is much more. See everything here.

Holiday shopping, done!

Don't wait! The auction ends on December 4th.
The action ID is bridgetkicks, and the password is cancer.


Monday, November 22, 2010


It's almost time for one of my favorite days of the year! Write-o-rama!

Spend a full day in your choice of more than 30 one-hour writing workshops with some of Hugo House's finest teachers (including our very own Co-Regional Advisor, Joni Sensel).

Registration for the day starts at a budget-friendly $45, with proceeds going to support Hugo House.

December 4th, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Registration and workshop details can be found here.

See you there!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Warning About Contracts

There's been lots of talk lately through social media, and literary circles about James Frey hiring young writers with very sketchy contracts. This article, found online at New York Magazine, and written by Suzanne Moses (who was contemplating signing with Frey) is a must read. We hope it makes it very clear why signing this type of contract would be a mistake, but if it doesn't let us know in the comments and we'll see what we can do to clarify. Here's an excerpt from the article.

"I later spoke to Conrad Rippy, a veteran publishing attorney, who explained that the contract given to me wasn’t a book-packaging contract; it was “a collaboration agreement without there being any collaboration.” He said he had never seen a contract like this in his sixteen years of negotiation. “It’s an agreement that says, ‘You’re going to write for me. I’m going to own it. I may or may not give you credit. If there is more than one book in the series, you are on the hook to write those too, for the exact same terms, but I don’t have to use you. In exchange for this, I’m going to pay you 40 percent of some amount you can’t verify—there’s no audit provision—and after the deduction of a whole bunch of expenses.” He described it as a Hollywood-style work-for-hire contract grafted onto the publishing industry—“although Hollywood writers in a work-for-hire contract are usually paid more than $250.”

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Northern Network Schmooze--December 1st

The WWA SCBWI Northern Network wants to invite you to our December Schmooze!

Northern Network Schmooze
Wednesday, December 1, 7:00-9:00 pm
Barnes & Noble (café), Bellingham, Washington
“Writing Picture Books: An Author’s and Editor’s Perspective”

More than twelve years of experience making products for children—books, toys, games, and puzzles—has given our special guest speaker, Liz Mills, a unique insight into the business as both a writer and an editor.

She’s sat on both sides of the desk, hiring authors and illustrators and selling her own work. And she’s also watched the picture book market evolve and transform from a small section of retro classics to an explosion of color, creativity, and voice across bookstore walls.

How do we navigate such a vast market? How do authors and illustrators work together and what is the role of an editor? Will our stories make a splash in an ocean of bestsellers? Are picture books rapidly becoming a thing of the past?

Liz looks forward to hearing your thoughts and questions and discussing the wild and wonderful world of picture-book publishing!

Please join us for an encouraging evening as we tackle these questions and more.
No RSVP required. Questions or comments? Please contact Angelina Hansen: yascribe@comcast.net

Hope to see you there!

Angelina C. Hansen
Northern Network Coordinator
SCBWI Western Washington

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kathleen Alcalá Program Summary

Did you miss the last SCBWI Professional Series Meeting? Erik Pulkka has written up a summary of the evening's program.

Summary from the November 9 SCBWI WW Main Program: SPEAKING IN TONGUES: ZADIE SMITH AND OTHER WRITERS ON POINT OF VIEW Or Something Like Voice with Kathleen Alcalá.

Kathleen talked about how choosing the right point of view (POV) and voice are crucial to the success of any book. She referenced CHANGING MY MIND by Zadie Smith, and her own samples of the POV and voice choices she has made in her books, as well as how and why she came to those selections.

Finding the right voice in the work brings our writing alive. Each story will have a different voice and we as writers must find the POV and Voice that works best for our story. Kathleen used the term 'form' to refer to the structure of the POV and Voice in narrative. Some examples of Form and related books she shared with us:

"Recalling childhood with a child's voice" with readings from A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L'Engle, and TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD by Harper Lee.
"Prescient Now" reading from A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN by Betty Smith
"Tale" reading from THE TELLING, and LEVINIA by Ursula LeGuin
"Prophetic Voice" reading from DUNE by Frank Herbert
"Moving Now" first person POV, reading from HARRY POTTER by JK Rowling
"Flexing" a flexible POV and multiple voices, reading from WITNESS by Karen Hesse

During the Q & A the question of Creative Non-Fiction came up. As for the definition of "creative non-fiction," it's applying techniques of literary fiction to non-fiction.
Wikipedia's definition: For a text to be considered creative nonfiction, it must be factually accurate, and written with attention to literary style and technique. “Ultimately, the primary goal of the creative nonfiction writer is to communicate information, just like a reporter, but to shape it in a way that reads like fiction"
In conclusion, Kathleen said that when choosing the Form of our voice for our story we may have to write it from different POVs, and try different voices to get the right one for our story.

Website to Check Out...

Northwest Book Lovers is a great website to check out. It's a blog by and about authors, librarians and independent booksellers in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. It features finding local stores, Northwest authors, and a classified section. There are also many ways YOU can participate. Visit their website here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kid Lit Pub Night CANCELED!

Due to inclement weather tonight's Kid Lit Pub Night at Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub in Bellevue is CANCELED! We'll try again after Thanksgiving on Monday, November 29, from 7 to 9 p.m. Hopefully that'll be far enough after Thanksgiving that you should be ready eat, drink, and make merry once again.

Hope to see you there!

Secret Garden's Drama Story Events

We are proud to announce another event in our brand-new partnership with Seattle Children’s Theatre for the 2010-2011 Season! During the run of each show of the season, we will be hosting weekend Drama Story events with artists from Seattle Children’s Theatre. This one is Lyle the Crocodile, based the book THE HOUSE ON 88TH STREET by Bernard Waber. This Drama Story event will feature these curriculum connections: American History; Crocodiles; Vaudeville; Neighbors; Family; Belonging; Companion Animals This will be a character and dialogue-focused Drama Story, like the play itself. This Drama Story, like the play is best for people aged 5 and over.

This free event is on Saturday, November 20, at 2 p.m., at Secret Garden Bookshop in Ballard. For more information visit Secret Garden's website, and you can also visit the Seattle Children's Theatre website.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Opportunity for Artists

Teresa Walsh, SCBWI Western WA member is looking for artists to share booth space at the Surtex Licensing Show on May 15-17 2011. Jacob K. Javitz Center, New York, N.Y. Teresa has experience in working this show and says that this is a great opportunity to meet manufactures, publishers, store buyers and so much more. Lots of energy, creativity and loads of fun. 8X10 Booth runs $3,480.00. Teresa is hoping to get a number of people to keep costs down. You can send art to New York or come and work the show. Booth Design team meets in January. Call Teresa at 206-293-2424, or email twalsh331@comcast.net.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Secret Garden's Teen Book Club

Our TEEN. BOOK. CLUB. has been going strong since summer, under the conversational leadership of teen-lit-world insider and author Liz Gallagher (THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE, and the upcoming MY NOT-SO-STILL LIFE). With free pizza provided by Ballard's own Snoose Junction Pizzeria, and a free book to take home (yet-to-be-released book sets are provided every month by our publisher’s reps), our every last-Wednesday-of-the-month TEEN. BOOK. CLUB. is the place to be in the city if you’re a 13-19 year old reader.

Author Heather Davis will be here to meet the club and discuss her book THE CLEARING at our November meeting, Wednesday, November 17, at 6:30 p.m. (technically the second-Wednesday-of-the-month, this time, due to Thanksgiving). Her previous book is NEVER CRY WEREWOLF.

For more information visit Secret Garden's website. You can check out Heather's website here, and also Liz's website here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good News for Craig Orback

Yesterday was an exciting day for illustrator Craig Orback as his local hometown newspaper, The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California featured a story and interview about his illustration work. It was timed with the opening of a show at The Morrro Bay Art Association (in California) that features a few of his children's book illustrations. This organization helped launch his career in art when he won several scholarships while in high school and college in California. You can read the article here, and learn more about his work at his website and blog.


A black DVD case (with two kid's DVDs in it) was found after the last SCBWI meeting in the lobby. The DVDs at the Shop at the next meeting on December 14. The "losing party" can identify the disks and have them back.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good News for Mindy Hardwick

Hooray! Hooray for Mindy Hardwick! Mindy Hardwick's flash fiction YA story, NIGHT CRIMES, has been published on Glass Cases.

Glass Cases is a blog run by Sarah LaPolla who is an associate agent at Curtis Brown. NIGHT CRIMES is a story which Mindy wrote during the Seattle SCBWI workshop with Noa Wheeler. Noa prompted us to write "things are not as they seem," through the eyes of a minor character in our stories.

For more information on Mindy, and her work, visit her blog. You can see NIGHT CRIMES on Glass Cases here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting lost & found

Did you accidentally take home a cream-colored scarf after the meeting on Tuesday, or notice it languishing without its owner? A member has reported it lost and would love to find it. Email us at scbwiwa@scbwi-washington.org if you have any clues, and thanks!

Good News for Jennifer Wolf

A big WOO HOO and congratulations to Jennifer Wolf, who recently got a book deal with Walker. Jennifer's debut novel, TIGERSEYE, is about a young woman healing from the car crash that killed her boyfriend while hiding the truth of their relationship.
Jennifer has posted more information on her blog too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


November 17, at 7 p.m. at Third Place Books, The Book Doctors, aka Arielle Eckstut & David Henry Sterry, authors of the Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published will present: Pitchapalooza!
It's American Idol for books - only without Simon. Writers get a shot to pitch to a panel of publishing experts. But they only get one minute. Afterwards, the judges critique everything from idea to style to potential in the marketplace and much, much more. It's educational & entertaining. The winner gets a free consultation & a chance to jump start their book career. Arielle and David have taught everywhere from Stanford to the Miami Book Festival to the world famous Stand Bookstore. They have helped dozens & dozens of talented writers become published authors.
Check out their Facebook event page, and also the Book Doctor's website.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suzanne Selfors' Classes...

Registration is now open for "Writing the Teen Novel," taught by Suzanne Selfors and sponsored by Field's End. Writers of all levels welcome but a completed first chapter of a YA novel is required. This class will begin February 24, 2011, and will combine lecture and workshoping, with lots of attention given to individual projects. Don't delay - the class will fill quickly. For dates, cost, and registration info, go to Field's End website.

For a short, free version of this class, King County Library System is sponoring a 90 minute version of "Writing the Teen Novel," taught by Suzanne. This is geared for beginning writers, is an overview of the genre, and attendees will not receive the individual attention of the Field's End class. The class is November 27, at 1 p.m. at the Richmond Beach Library. There is no registration required (just show up).

For more information about Suzanne, and her work, visit her website.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jack Frost Writing Contest Reminder

Reminder about the Jack Frost writing contest

Had any thoughts about your Jack Frost story?
The November 19 deadline is fast-approaching and we'd love to read your submissions!

250 words or less
Send by email to scbwiwa@scbwi-washington.org with the words "Jack Frost Writing Contest" in the subject field.

Think of snow days, hot cocoa, woolly scarves, and roaring fireplaces, and get writing!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday is the Next Professional Series Meeting!

Tuesday, November 9, is the next Professional Series Meeting. First is the Mini-Session: EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT PICTURE BOOKS I LEARNED IN ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL with Jennifer Mann. The Main Program: SPEAKING IN TONGUES: ZADIE SMITH AND OTHER WRITERS ON POINT OF VIEW with Kathleen Alcalá, will follow.

Our Professional Series Meetings take place at Seattle Pacific University - Demaray Hall, Room 150. Registration at 6:45 p.m., program at 7:00 p.m. Visit the SCBWI Western Washington website for more information about the sessions; including costs, maps, and directions.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Second Annual YA Novel Discovery Competition

Get in Front of Top YA Editors and Agents with ONLY the First 250 Words of Your YA Novel!

Have a young adult novel—or a YA novel idea—tucked away for a rainy day? Are you putting off pitching your idea simply because you’re not sure how to pitch an agent? No problem! All you have to do is submit the first 250 words of your novel and you can win both exposure to editors, and a reading of your manuscript from one of New York ’s TOP literary agents Regina Brooks.

Regina Brooks is the founder of Serendipity Literary Agency and the author of Writing Great Books for Young Adults. Brooks has been instrumental at establishing and building the careers of many YA writers, including three-time National Book Award Honoree and Michael Printz Honoree Marilyn Nelson, as well as Sundee Frazier—a Coretta Scott King Award winner, an Oprah Book Pick and an Al Roker book club selection. As an agent, she is known for her ability to turn raw talent into successful authors.

ADDITIONALLY: The top 20 submissions will all be read by a panel of five judges comprised of top YA editors at Random House, Scholastic, Candlewick, Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Penguin. The first 100 will receive free autographed copies of Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks. Of the 20, they will pick the top five submissions and provide each author with commentary. These five winners will also receive a free ONE YEAR subscription to The Writer magazine. ONE Grand Prize Winner will win a full manuscript reading and editorial consultation from Regina Brooks and free 10-week writing course courtesy of the Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

Please submit all entries via the contest website. One entry per person; anyone age 13+ can apply. Open to the U.S. & Canada (void where prohibited). Entries for the YA Novel Discovery Contest will be accepted from 12:01 a.m. (ET) November 1 until 11:59 p.m. (ET), November 30.

NOVEMBER is NaNoWriMo, and in honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.org)—an international event where aspiring novelists are encouraged to write an entire novel in 30 days—this contest is meant to encourage the aspiring YA author to get started on that novel by offering an incentive for completing the first 250 words.

So apply now here!

GREAT PRIZES: The Grand Prize Winner will have the opportunity to submit an entire manuscript to YA literary agent Regina Brooks AND receive a free, 10-week writing course, courtesy of Gotham Writers' Workshop.

The Top Five Entrants (including the Grand Prize winner) will receive a 15-minute, one-on-one pitch session with Regina Brooks, one of New York ’s premier literary agents for young adult books. They will also receive commentary on their submissions by editors at HarperCollins, Penguin, Harlequin, Random House, and Sourcebooks. In addition, they will receive a year’s subscription to The Writer magazine!

The Top 20 Entrants will receive autographed copies of Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks.

JUDGING: YA literary agent Regina Brooks and her team , will read all of the entries and determine the top 20 submissions. These submissions will then be read by Nancy Mercado, Executive Editor at Roaring Brook Press (Macmillan); Nicole Raymond, Editor at Candlewick; Cheryl Klein, Senior Editor at Arthur Levine Books (Scholastic); Leila Sales, Editor Viking (Penguin) Evette Porter, Editor at Harlequin and Leah Hultenschmidt, Executive Editor at Sourcebooks. These judges will whittle the top 20 down to five, and each of the five winners will be provided commentary on their submissions

Friday, November 5, 2010

Looking for Writers

Cricket Magazine Group and Cobblestone Publishing are looking for writers of every level of experience! The "bug " line (LADYBUG, CRICKET, SPIDER, BABYBUG, and CICADA) accepts unsolicited manuscripts; the history and cultures group (COBBLESTONE, ODYSSEY, FACES, CALLIOPE, DIG, and APPLESEEDS) selects articles by detailed query letter and is also interested in illustrator submissions; the science and ideas titles (CLICK, ASK, and MUSE) seek writers with subject expertise and request a resume and several writing samples. For details, please visit Cricket's Submission Guideline link . Join both the Facebook Cricket page, and Cobblestone Publishing page for updates.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kevan Atteberry booksigning

Kevan Atteberry, our own SCBWI Art and Design Editor, has a booksigning coming up this Saturday November 6, from 2-6 p.m. at Bellevue Art & Frame for Tickle Monster. He'll be signing with the author, Josie Bissett. Here's a link to the event. You can find out more about Kevan, and his work, at his website.

Meet Laurie Halse Anderson

Secret Garden Books is hosting Laurie Halse Anderson's only public event in Washington. Laurie's new book, FORGE, is the long-awaited follow-up to National Book Award finalist and Newbery Honor book CHAINS. You can find out more about Laurie, and her work, at her website.

Event details are:
Ballard Branch Monday, November 8, 2010, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
5614 22nd Ave. N.W.
Seattle , WA 98107

You can visit Secret Garden's website link for more information.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good News Party!!

Who can't use lots of Good News!! We've got many talented and amazing SCBWI Western Washington members! It's a Good News party!!!

Congratulations to Lois V. Harris! Cowboys & Indians Magazine reviewed CHARLIE RUSSELL: TALE-TELLING COWBOY ARTIST book in their December issue (Holiday Gift Guide, Kids’ Bookstall). Visit Lois's website to find out more about her books!

In addition to that news, CHARLIE RUSSELL: TALE-TELLING COWBOY ARTIST book has also made the Accelerated Reader List of Renaissance Learning! Here's the listing!
A big yahoo for Curtis Manley! He received a Letter of Commendation from SCBWI's Barbara Karlin Grant committee for his picture book manuscript THE CRANE GIRL. The story is a retold version of the Japanese folktale about a crane who takes human form out of love for the person who saved her life. Integral to his retelling are haiku in the voices of each of the characters.

SCBWI's announcement is on their website.
Hip Hip Hooray for Anne Belov! One of her cartoons, The Panda Ranch Experience, appears in Henry Nicholls new book, THE WAY of the PANDA (published by Profile Press in Great britain, publication date September 30, 2010).
And last but not least, here's a big Woo Hoo for Elizabeth Blake! She has an illustration that is being published in the U.S. and at least one other country. The illustration is called "Life is Fragile".
The idea was to make an image to remind families to use child safety seats. It is being used in Washington state as a poster, it is in process of becoming a booklet. It is being used by hospital nurseries and pediatric clinics in Washington, in child safety seat programs in the U.S. and Guam.

You can find out more about Elizabeth's work on her website.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ann Teplick Reading

Ann Teplick will be reading at Richard Hugo House on Wednesday November 3, 7-9 p.m. from a new and first collection of poetry, THE BEAUTY OF A BEET: Poems from the Bedside, funded by Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, 4Culture, and Hugo House.

Joining Ann will be writers Esther Altshul Helfgott, Courtney Putnam and Richard Gold, all reading on the theme of loss and grace, with a hint of wit.

For more information on the event visit the Hugo House website.

Holly Cupala Events

Stop by the Northeast Branch of the Seattle Public Library at 6 p.m. tonight (Tuesday, November 2) for a fun party celebrating Holly Cupala’s TELL ME A SECRET, put on by the Teen Advisory Group! Here is the library's info page about the event.

The TAG group has been hard at work putting together decorations, a program, and other fun TMAS surprises - and Holly’s own surprise, how about a batch of her favorite cookies...? Holly says she wrote much of the book at this very library and is thrilled to be welcomed by the librarians and such a terrific group of teens.

Here are the details:
Seattle Public Library - Northeast Branch
Tuesday, November 2nd 6-7:30 pm
6801 35th Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA

Holly Cupala will also be at the Port Angeles Main Library on Friday, November 5, at 3:30pm for a TELL ME A SECRET event!
to be Friday, November 5 at 3:30 p.m. Holly will do a reading, chat about writing secrets, and maybe even tell you about her embarrassing Sol Duc Hotsprings adventure.

Port Angeles Library – Main Branch
Friday, November 5, 3:30 p.m.
2210 South Peabody Street
Port Angeles, WA
360-417-8502 or youth@nols.org

You can go to Holly's website for more information about Holly, and her work (including the title for her second book!).

Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It's a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Last year there were 167,150 participants and 32,178 winners, with 2,427,190,537 words officially logged during the 2009 event. When you sign up you can find your region, support, get emails, and more! Last year the SCBWI WWA had a NaNoWriMo group on Facebook! As someone who successfully participated last year, I'd encourage you to check it out! It's fun, it gets you writing, and it's free!!

For more information visit the NaNoWriMo website.

We want to know about YOU!

Attention all SCBWI Western Washington members, and Chinook Update readers. The Chinook Update will be featuring a monthly question for YOU to answer! We'll post a question at the beginning of each month, and ask that you leave us a comment with your answer. We'll be posting your answers at the end of the month.

We want to know more about you; your writing process, preferences, wisdom, and such! We're a community of writers, and we want to know more about who's out there!

Our first question is about your writing location preference~
"I like to write at _______, because ______."

Let us know where you like to write, and why!! Happy writing!