Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Drawn to Books Show

Drawn to Books

Come celebrate forty-five illustrators from SCBWI Western Washington and Canada West and their work in the children’s book form at the Seattle City Hall from October 31st through January 3rd. An opening reception will be held November 2, from 4-6 p.m. Don’t miss this wonderful show!

See the works of:
Beth Bacon, Corianton Hale, Jason Grube, Jo Gershman, Eileen Marie, Ruthie Nicklaus, Kristin Varner, Anait Semirdzhyan, Andy Musser, Dana Arnim, Melissa Goodman, Dana Sullivan, Polina Gortman, Leslie Dresdner, Elena Stowell, Michele Kempees, Rowena Russell, Vikram Madan, Tracy Wallschlaeger, Gretchen Hansen,  Lotus Ivak, Izabela Gabrielson, Douglas Yoder, Andrea Lawson, Kathryn Taylor, Amy Hevron, Dave Wheeler, Tina Hoggatt, Aimee Dan, Kjersten Hayes, Dennis Hanks, Pam Martin, Gillian Allen, Rose Soini, Milagros Welt, Elizabeth Thieme, Alix Despard, Bryan Robles, Ellie Peterson, Krister Eide, Kelly Bahr, Suzanne Kaufman, Nicole Monahan, Suzi Spooner, Dalton Webb, Kary Lee, Helena Juhasz

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Jennifer P. said...

I want to recommend this to a budding children's illustrator/author who has a talent to be nurtured. Do you know what the viewing hours will be with the display at city hall? Wondering if it will be a bit more limited or not with the venue not being the convention center as in years past? He would have to come from the Camano Island area. Thanks!