Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily News...

Some good news for Lois V. Harris! Lois was interviewed on the Children's Authors & Illustrators on Facebook by Simon Rose. Check out the interview here. You can find more information about Lois on her website.

Peg Cheng passes on this great travel tip for those traveling to the SCBWI Conference in New York!
I thought that SCBWI members who are going to the NYC conference in January might want to know about Alaska Airlines' screaming good Hot Deals on Ice airfare sale. It's only $100 each way to Newark (which is a great airport to fly into to get to NYC)! Here's the link for the deal.

Today is the last day to answer our November Monthly Question! Click here to see the post, and answer the question. We'll have the answers up tomorrow with December's Question!!!

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