Thursday, December 26, 2013

Scribble and Scrawl, Y'all! Friday, Dec 27

Scribble And Scrawl (Kid Lit Drink Night) Tomorrow Night at Tippe and Drague Ale House, Beacon Hill! Sick of your family and visiting relatives? Had it up to here with Holiday Cheer? Bring your writing and drawing pads and/or devices to the Tippe and Drague and totally ignore your SCBWI brethren and sistern and get some real work done while sipping the beverage of your choice. Lois Brandt and Julie Paschkis are rumored to be showing up with writing prompts and illustration exercises*. SPECIAL MEMBERS-ONLY OFFER: also scheduled to appear is that woman of words whose name rhymes with Joni Sensel**. See you there at 7 or earlier. Remember that you do NOT need to actually drink alcohol, eat gluten or meat or wear animal skin on your person to attend. And the first 50 SCBWI members to show up will be given a lesson on how to pronounce "Tippe and Drague."
*totally made this up. **this part is true

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