Friday, December 20, 2013

Meet the artist #32

You can still see SCBWI WWA art at the Washington State Convention Center through Jan. 8, or check out the art and artists online here.

Liz Wong

Why did you choose to submit this art?
There's something about drawing unreasonably angry children that I find endlessly amusing. Angry children in person? Not so great. Fictional angry children? Fun times!

What does being part of SCBWI mean to you?
SCBWI has been such an amazing community. I've met my critique group, made friends, celebrated successes, commiserated failures, obsessed over books, and learned an immeasurable amount about the industry and the craft of writing and illustrating. It's kept me motivated and inspired. But most importantly, it's introduced me to a world of people who love children's books just as much as I do.

What is your favorite picture book from childhood?
Urashima Taro, a Japanese folktale lavishly illustrated by George Suyeoka, in which a young fisherman visits the kingdom of the sea princess. It's a Rip Van Winkle-like tale with a grim ending (spoiler: he dies, miserable and alone––kids love that stuff!), but the illustrations of the undersea kingdom and all its wonders captivated my imagination as a young child. It also had the bonus side effect of warping me for life!

Fun fact: Liz has climbed a mango tree. Learn more, and see more images, on STQRY here.

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