Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just thinkin' about...tomorrow!

Art by Dana Sullivan

Tomorrow night. SCBWI WWA's fabulous Winter Celebration. 6-9pm. WA State Convention Center. Art, cookies, good news, good friends, and good tidings. (There is going to be so much fun that Madeline herself will risk being grounded by Miss Clavel in order to partake in the festivities!)

Lest you forget: 

––There will be door prize drawings beginning at 6:30pm, and they'll continue throughout the evening.

––Not to be outdone by the prizes and the treats, there will also be a book swap. Bring a book, pick a book, and those left over will find a new home at Friends of the Seattle Public Library sale or a deserving school.

––Cookie concerns? If you're not sure how many to make, 2-3 dozen is puh-lenty. Please bring them before 6:30pm. Those bringing contested comestibles will be directed to the setup area. The contest will close at 7pm, so the judges' tasting may commence.

––Parking panic? The Convention Center parking can be found at 8th and Pike, under the CC. Take the elevator or escalator to the Second Floor Galleria. Which is where we'll be. (There will also be signs, if you get off track.) Check out this map if you're really confused. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible, and yes, you may form two straight lines!

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