Thursday, November 19, 2009

Support indie bookstores Nov. 21

This news release went out to indie bookstore fans on Facebook. Indie bookstores are really important for new and emerging authors; very often these stores have a wider selection than chains (and certainly than book discounters). These are the stores most likely to carry your books, and most likely to hand-sell them if they are beloved by staff.

I don't think there's any such thing as a bad bookseller, but if you can shop at one in your area, here are some additional benefits:


The Independent Booksellers Facebook cause is urging the citizens of Facebook to unchain themselves on November 21—to do any business they plan to do on that day only at local independent businesses. Facebook Unchained! is part of America Unchained, a national campaign of the American Business Alliance (AMIBA).

“We aim to reach every citizen to come together in support of (Community) through demonstrating that their personal spending decisions affect the whole community, both now and for the future,” said Rob, creator of the Facebook cause page.

“If every citizen does their planned business, shopping and dining out on that day with only locally-owned businesses this year, we can inject millions of dollars into our local economy. Of course, we hope that everyone will think about this not only on November 21, but every day—and particularly with holiday shopping upon us,” said Rob.

“We also want to encourage folks, while they’re taking part in Facebook Unchained, to make a point of thanking our local business owners for their contributions to the community, both in goods and services, but also to local charities and organizations. Small businesses give a greater percentage of their business income back to the community than their larger competitors. Local Business provides financial support for fire, police and emergency services. We support our schools and local non-profits. Our communities rely on our local businesses for so much more than just providing products or services,” stated Rob.

“Studies from small towns in Maine to sizeable cities like Austin, Texas found that local independent businesses create about three and a half times the local economic activity as chains do. A study released in 2004 looked at the local economic impact of 10 independent businesses and 10 chains in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago and found that the independents generate 70 percent more local economic impact per square foot than chain stores,” said American Independent Business Alliance director Jennifer Rockne. “Why? Because our independent businesses pay local employees, use the goods and services of other local independent businesses and give back to community institutions far more than chains.” said Rockne.

“Your home town stands to gain in every way by supporting our independent businesses. They provide us with essential goods and services, well-paying jobs, and continued opportunities for citizens to own their own business here. They are critical parts of the social, cultural and economic health of the place that you call home. Supporting them is good for us personally and our community.”

See the Facebook group

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