Monday, November 16, 2009

SLJ: best kid-lit blogs

Betsy Bird has a School Library Journal piece on the best blogs in our business. Here's a portion:

Although there are more wonderful children's literary blogs out there than one can shake a stick at, here is a very small selection of some that are particularly remarkable. For a more complete listing of children's and young adult literature blogs, visit Kidslitosphere Central.

bookshelves of doom

In addition to providing uniquely hilarious content, insightful reviews of YA materials, and the latest news, librarian Leila Roy has also created her own literary magazine, TBR Tallboy, for fans of the YA genre.

The Brown Bookshelf

Consistently pushing awareness of African-American writers for young people, this site covers everything from picture books to upper-end teen novels. It has also started the landmark 28 Days Later, a monthlong showcase of some of the best black authors and illustrators.

Chasing Ray

Colleen Mondor, who has reviewed for everything from Booklist to Bookslut, applies her wit and charm to the wide array of teen titles, taking time out to also organize blog tours and events that highlight too-little-lauded books.

Collecting Children's Books

This may be the best-written children's literary blog of all time. Librarian Peter Sieruta doesn't just retell the history of children's books—he brings it to life and makes it dance!

Editorial Anonymous

The only truly anonymous children's book editor out there, and don't you forget it. EA consistently provides dead-on advice to queries that range from the comprehendible to the downright insane.

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Thanks to Gail Martini-Peterson for sending the link.

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