Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is your writing group...dysfunctional?

A blog called Writer's Relief offers advice and insight into writer's groups--and how to tell if you're in one that works for you:
A writer's group is an informal gathering of writers who meet once a month or more to share their work, offer advice and criticism, and generally support each other. These groups are also a great source of writing-related news and industry leads (especially online groups). Writing is a solitary endeavor, so it's only natural that some writers are drawn to groups of like-minded souls. No one but a fellow writer can properly appreciate the pain of a terse rejection or the angst of yet another creative block. And when it comes to encouragement and constructive criticism, leave it to your fellow writers to step up. That's the concept behind writer's groups. Reality is often different, and even if you find a group that fits your criteria, you may find that you don't work well in a group dynamic. If you do work well with others, you may have to try out several groups before finding that perfect fit. Read the rest.

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