Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Studio tours: Elizabeth Blake

Elizabeth Blake sends along these two shots from her lovely, zen studio:

Here are a couple of pictures of my workspace, which is called "Tin Can Studio" as the space is in a metal building. I have two main tables, a small drafting table and a larger stainless one, so I can spread pages out while I work. It helps continuity of the images to have the sketches, roughs, and final art all visible at the same time. There is a 2x4 board that runs along two walls. It has a channel routed in it to hold the pages along the wall. That way illustrations can be visualized around the room following the storyboard order. This is a great way to find what doesn't work well as well as what does!

Check out Elizabeth's beautiful art here.


Susi Watson said...
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Susi Watson said...

I love the quiet calm you've created for yourself, Elizabeth. It must be freeing to walk into Tin Can Studio. pick up a brush and begin to create. I envy your orderly environment, yet can't stop myself from adding to the creative clutter. Looking forward to visiting your studio in person.

-Susi Watson