Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Studio tours: Dana Arnim

Here's where fabulous illustrator Dana Arnim works:

In my office/studio, I have an art space and a computer space. My art space is under the one basement window, but I'm surrounded by books, photos, my tools, a heater, the cat bed, and my music player, so it's a great place to work. My computer area is surrounded by clipboards with work in progress on them, computer manuals, my calendar, scanner, copiers, and my trés old-fashioned phone - not quite rotary, but just a step up. I love my mac! ( Also notice the tiny legs of my bendable model girl sitting on the shelf--she's a covert operations specialist!) In the corners you can't see are shelves & cupboards of art & office supplies -mwah ha ha!


CocoaStomp said...

Totally digging on those clip boards in top photo and that awesome pumpkin painting in bottom photo!

Suzanne Williams said...

Fun to see the office space where my website was designed! My office is also my dog's bedroom. I bet a lot of us share space with out pets.

Kirby Larson said...

I love seeing other people's workspaces! Yours seems cozy, happy and bright, in spite of being in the basement. I admit to being jealous of how neat and organized it is, however. You and Barbara O'Connor could definitely bond over Tidy Town awards.