Thursday, November 19, 2009

Studio tours: Vijaya Bodach

Thanks to all of you who've sent photos of your work spaces along. I'll post one a day for the next few days and label each of them (the labels are the tiny text at the bottom; when you click on one of these, you can see other posts in the same category).

We'll start with Vijaya Bodach (love the kitty ears, Vijaya!):

I work best in my home office. Everything I need is within reach -- pens, pencils, notebooks, reference books, etc. The cats sit on the desk (though sometimes they insist on being on my lap) and the puppy is by my feet. Kids come in and out, but during the school hours, it's relatively quiet and I get both my teaching and writing done in this space. In the warmer months, I'm often outside in my backyard, but I'm not as productive, since I'm watching the birds and squirrels.

Thanks for sharing! See more of Vijaya here:

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Kjersten said...

Love this idea, Martha!