Saturday, November 21, 2009

Studio tours: Jaime Temairik

Ooh! Jaime's workspace, in video format. Enjoy!

See more of Jaime at her Cocoastomp blog and on Bound, her MSN Entertainment book blog.


Richard Jesse Watson said...

I loved your studio/video/readio tour, Jamie/Martha/Logan. It's o.k., puppy, that you didn't ham it up for the cam, you were doing your job, which is to hibernate. Jamie you are a genius: books by color! Zounds! Why didn't I think of that?

Wendy Wahman said...

Jaime, I loved the tour and your studio, painted dresser, color organized books OilCloth covered table. And Logan, your office manager taking his coffee break.
I was struck by how many similarities we have... one of which is the History of Children's Books book you have by your computer. I keep my copy on the kitchen table. My breakfast companion, some days. I also have a "Do Not Despair" folder on my email. I sink fast too. And of course, a few dog beds. I love the jar idea. It is a very big jar... do you ever empty it out? How bout burning them on NY's eve.
I bet you hear this all the time, but will say it - I love listening to you talk. If you ever left your day job, you could be a radio personality. I'd tune in every day.

CocoaStomp said...

Ha, Wendy! Radio waves would fizzle and die if I got on there, even if I do have a face for the medium. I really like the jar. Burning stuff on NYE sounds like a plan. Or maybe on birthdays.

Ricardo, I think Adobe organized their books by color... or Pantone? Or both. I am not a genius. But if you don't move your house often, you can memorize what books are where by what colors. It is more fun than the alphabet, for sure.