Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Book for All Seasons

A couple of weeks ago, husband and I went on a little trip into the Cascade Mountains to Leavenworth, WA, a community that rather ingeniously saved their town from recession after the Great North Railroad relocated by restyling the entire town into a Bavarian village. It's an odd weekend that Leavenworth doesn't have something going on, from Oktoberfest to Maifest to the Christmas Lighting Ceremony.

Here we are in front of A Book for All Seasons, and you can tell we haven't quite emerged from the Seattle cloudcover unscathed (wow, so THAT's the sun!).

Going into the store was even better - my friends' books on display! Like...

Janet Lee Carey's Dragon's Keep:

And Justina Chen's North of Beautiful:

And Lorie Ann Grover's Loose Threads:

And Dia Calhoun's Firegold (did you know the cover is by Adam Rex?):

And Deb Caletti's The Secret Life of Prince Charming:

And lots more, too many to document! Everyone, give a shoutout to the teens of Leavenworth, who are reading some excellent books in between all of those festivals. Authors and Illustrators, think of Leavenworth as the perfect stop for promoting your next book.

Tag, alles!

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