Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting to know each other

Remember when we introduced ourselves a couple of weeks ago? I snipped these out of the comments area so everyone could see some of the brave folks who were willing to play along:

Martha Brockenbrough said... I'm Martha and I write picture books and YA novels.

Here's my website: And here's my grammar blog: .

Nina said...
Okay, Martha, I'll be the first to say, "Hi, 99 other people reading this blog." I'm the author of Whose Feet?, A Practical Guide to Monsters, and about a dozen books written from the educational market. I'm also a children's book editor at Mirrorstone Books (, and a writing instructor at the UW's Extension Writing for Children Certificate program.

I love the up-to-the minute kids book news you get on this blog. I read tons of children's book related news feeds every week, and our own Chinook Update is by far the best!

Angelina C. Hansen said...
Great idea, Martha, and greetings to the one hundred!

The Chinook Update is one of my daily "must read" blogs.

I write YA and was recently awarded a WIP Grant from SCBWI which I'm using to attend the SCBWI Winter Conference in January. Anyone else planning to go? Please get in touch.


A huge thank you to Martha and to everyone else who makes the Chinook Update happen.

Kjersten said... Great idea, Martha!

I'm Kjersten Anna Hayes and I update the calendar in the left sidebar (sweet!) and try to get corresponding blog posts put up here in a somewhat timely fashion.

I'm a paper collage artist/illustrator and I write picture books too.


I love the Chinook Update!

Kim Baker said... Great idea!
I'm Kim. I'm the Assistant Regional Advisor for our group (the one who talks a lot at meetings).
I'm working on a middle grade novel right now, and you can see my blog at:

Val said... I'm so thrilled to be part of such an exclusive group! (Believe me, after graduating from a high school class of 400-ish and a college class of much more, 100 seems like nothing!)

I'm Val. I write YA, more on the darker side than the puppies and daisies side (tho I do love puppies and daisies). I've taken a mess of children's writing classes at various times and places to improve my writing and I hope to take the UW's Editing Certificate program starting this winter once I get my childcare ducks in a row to improve my critiquing.

You can follow my novel progress at my blog:

Thank so much for this blog! I love it! Even when I have trouble keeping up with it! So much good stuff.

Emilie said... Fun idea! My name is Emilie Bishop and I'm currently working on a middle grade historical novel and some random articles and short stories. I blog with my two best friends from grad school, who also write historical stuff, at
Please come visit! We would love to have new readers!

HelenL said... Hi, my name is Helen Landalf. I have two picture books out and I currently write YA novels. I'm one of that vanishing breed of authors that don't yet have websites (but I hope to soon.)

This blog is a great resource. Thanks to Martha and everyone else who puts it together!

annie said... Greetings! I'm Annie and I just bid a fond farewell to a middle-grade novel that resurrected itself as YA. I have had magazine stories published.
My website is mostly about the writing activities I do with kids, but it has fun tidbits about me and writing, too.
Oh, and I'm the Hospitality Gal on the Advisory Commitee.

Kerrie T. said... How fun! I wanna play!

Hi everyone, I'm Kerrie, and I just joined SCBWI-WWA. I'm a former newspaper editor, corporate editor, and now I'm a part-time copywriter for a company that publishes DVDs and software. I've yet to write a book, but I want to. I HAVE to! I'm aiming for the YA market, and I will be participating in NaNoWriMo in...oh my gosh, about a week.

Right now, I practice writing a lot on my blogs: (a mom blog)
and (a daily blog about a mom -- me -- training for her first marathon).
I'm also on Twitter.

Can't wait to check out your sites!

Deb Cushman said... Hi! I'm Deb Cushman and I love Chinook Update -- read it every day and always learn something new. You do a terrific job.

I have two blogs:
The Adventures of Freckles and Deb, Bunny Bloggers, where my rabbit and I share our adventures from each of our points of view.

Writer Sites - a place to organize links to writing websites and blogs so I can find them. I post a screenshot a brief description of a new site every day.

Joni said... I'm Joni, co-RA and official SCBWI WWA hermit-in-the-mountains. That's all you need to know about me. :-)

If you have some kind of insomnia disorder or are trying to get fired from your day job, my website is at and the group blog I contribute to, The Spectacle (which focuses on speculative fiction for young readers and is actually fairly cool), is at

Debbie Faith Mickelson said... Thanks Martha for this great idea. This blog is amazing.

Hi, I'm Debbie. My current WIP is a Picture Book. I also work on magazine articles. I have an idea for a middle grade novel, so I think that I might try it for NaNoWriMo....

I am also one of the few writers without a blog or website. I think it might be time.

Great to meet everyone here.

Robin Gaphni said... Hi everyone!

I'm Robin and am currently working on a middle grade novel, and trying to decide if I'm ready to submit a picture book/early chapter book.

I also have a blog: The Book Nosher, which is geared for parents and teachers who are looking for great book recommendations, and corresponding activities.

Nice to virtually meet everyone!

Dana Sullivan said... Martha, great blog and spiffy idea. I'm Dana Sullivan and I'm trying to break into writing and illustrating picture books and/or graphic novels. I'm primarily an illustrator, but working on learning more words. My Sticky Love blog is at
and my web site is
Hope to see you all at BookFest today!

Laurie Thompson said... What fun reading everyone's intros! I'm co-RA of SCBWI-WWA (the one who DOESN'T talk much at the meetings) and it's really great to see you all here! I write easy readers, picture books, and middle grade fiction and nonfiction. You can follow me on Twitter at or I occasionally manage to post on my poor, neglected blog at

Paul Schmid said... Paul Schmid here, picture book author/illustrator.

My blog:

And hey! I'm on Amazon:

Kate Higgins said... I like this idea! I'm Kate, I write and illustrate picture books. My first picture book got orphaned by the publisher due to the 'economy'. I'm still trying to get over that. Reading the Chinook update and belonging to SCBWI keeps me going. I'm currently working on 3 other picture books and one middle grade novel. And I'm looking for an agent – working directly with publishers is hard work! I need an advocate. I blog whenever possible at

Michèle Griskey said... Hi Everyone,

My name is Michele.
I write middle grade and YA stuff. It's always great to see what is happening in the bigger world beyond my desk.

My blog is

Jenny said... This is Jennifer Phillips. I've been a member for a few years but a bit of a hermit in getting involved due to my work/family schedule. But I lurk and learn, constantly inspired by the other members' activities. And I need to come out of my shell more. I have a new website,, where I'll be posting some short stories for downloading, listing my other works and who knows what else. I'm still submitting to traditional publishers but decided to leap into self-publishing as well. My first middle grade biography is now available. If anyone else is on the learning curve about self-publishing, I'd love to touch base. Thanks for the great work you do with Chinook Update!

Molly H said... Hi! I love this idea! It's great to get connected with all of you. I'm Molly Hall - I've been a part of SCBWI for several years. I'm still in the "aspiring" phase of my writing career, but good things are happening. I write YA, mostly in the fantasy/romance/paranormal department. I am having a lot of fun with it. I took the Writing for Children class at UW Extension and met many of you there. : ) I don't have a website or blog yet, but I'm inspired to start on after seeing Greg Pincus! Happy Writing to all of you!

Janet Lee Carey said... Hi to fellow writers and illustrators in SCBWI. I'm Janet Lee Carey. Love this new Chinook format and the updates that pop into my email. Thanks for the innovation to set the Chinook Update up this way.

As a working writer I learn so much by staying in touch with everyone in our local chapter and worldwide.
Happy writing, illustrating and collaborating to you all.

Be well

Jennifer Mann said... Oh dear, it's Monday already...hope it's still okay to introduce myself. Great idea to do it this way!
I am Jennifer Mann, an aspiring writer and illustrator of picture books. I've been a member of SCBWI for several years. You can visit my website at
and comment on my blog at

KJ Bateman said... Hi All,
I'm Kimberly Bateman and I'm an artist and writer working on a middle grade novel and a picture book.
Martha, I love all the great links you find for us.

Debbie said... Hi everyone! I too love the new much great info!

My name is Deborah Reber and I write mostly nonfiction self-help type YA books, although my first YA novel, a romantic comedy, comes out in June. I also edit a series a teen-authored memoirs called Louder Than Words, and keep a blog for teen girls.

Erik Brooks said... A fine idea indeed!

I'm Erik Brooks, also a picturebook author & illustrator. I live on the east side o' the Cascades. I can't many very many meetings on the "coast" so these updates are a great way to stay touch. Keep up the great work all :)

holly cupala said... Hi, Everyone! This is starting to feel like a party!

I'm Holly Cupala, debut YA author of TELL ME A SECRET (June 2010), former asst RA & Chinook designer, and general huge SCBWI fan. I've been a member/regional subscriber for about 10 years now. Janet Lee Carey, right above, spoke about The Writing Life at my very first mtg years ago! I also work with readergirlz and am an occasional contributor to this here Chinook blog. ;)

Liz Mills said... Greetings, all! I'm Liz Mills, I'm a freelance children's book author and editor. I've written board books, picture books, middle-grade and YA nonfiction. I'm currently working on a book of science experiments for grade-schoolers. I am also the articles editor for the printed Chinook. Yay to Martha and Yay to the Update blog! It's awesome!
I hope to have my web site up soon. In the meantime, I'm on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and

Brian Moen, Writer of Children's Books said... Hi! My name is Brian Moen. I am an elementary school teacher and an aspiring writer. I am currently working on a middle reader manuscript, a magazine article, and my website. I also blog about kids, teaching, the trials and tribulations of writing, and more.

I'd like to invite everyone to visit my website and blog at:

Cuppa Jolie said... Hi, friends! I'm Jolie Stekly.

Ack...I'm so late to the game on this post. But for good reason. I spent the week wrapping up work and getting it off the the appropriate peeps. That felt great!

So, if Joni is the hermit-in-the-mtns then I'm the fairy-of-the-ferries, spending much time sailing across the Sound!

I *heart* this blog and this region and SCBWI. I'm a writer of young adult novels, the region's retreat director, and I'll be speaking at the December mtg (yay!).

You can find my blog at:

I'm also a member of SCBWI Team Blog. Don't miss the live conference blog here:

You can find me on twitter as cuppajolie!

Christina Wilsdon
My name is Christina Wilsdon and I mainly write nonfiction articles and books about animals, natural history, and science, primarily for the educational and library market. I've published some trade books, too, including a book about birds for grown-up readers. I used to be quite involved with SCBWI about a decade ago but haven't made it to meetings much, or the conference, in the past few years. I did finally get around to putting up a website, though:


Karen said...

I'm Karen Cushman, resident of Vashon Island, and I write historical novels. I start every day with Arlo and Janis and the Chinook Update. I'm not related to Deb Cushman but can't wait to meet her.

Kerrie T. said...

Thanks for posting this again! Now I have even more blogs to visit! Nice to meet everyone over the Interwebs...

Craig Orback said...

Hello I am Craig Orback! I illustrate easy readers and picture books, etc and teach children's book illustration. You can find my website at and my blog at

I try to make the meetings in Seattle but now that I am in Bellingham I have been enjoying the schmoozes here!

Abigail said...

Hi -- Abigail Marble here from I allowed? I'm mostly an illustrator ("Love Your Heart" by Tim McGraw, illustrated by me, coming out in January), but am currentlyin the midst of my first ever NaNoWriMo. I have been to your conference in Seattle a few times, and just found this blog last week. It's great -- I've already passed on some of your tidbits to scbwi friends around the country. Thanks!

Erika Parker Price said...

Hi, I'm Erika and I am in the midst of revising my middle-grade novel Earth Rescue. I also have a blog called Our Kids' Earth that focuses on protecting the Earth for our kids' sake. Come visit at

Right this minute, I'm taking a procrastination break from NaNoWriMo. I'm trying my hand at adult fiction b/c I have a story burning in my head that's just begging to be written. I figure this way, I can finish it in 30 days and then decide if I'm meant to pursue it or just hit the Delete button and be glad I got it out of my system.

I've been in SCBWI for two years and whenever I meet someone who says, "I want to write children's books..." I always point them to our group because I think it is so amazing!

Dana A said...

OK, I'm late reading all this, but... Hi, I'm Dana Arnim, illustrator and SCBWI Washington webmaster.
In a bit of shameless self promotion, my day job is designing & building websites, so those of you without a site can check out my work at That's my portfolio site too!

Dawn Simon said...

Hi, everyone! I'm Dawn Simon and I write YA. I'm currently wrapping up revisions on a novel that was a finalist in last summer's PNWA Literary Contest. I'll be submitting it to agents by the SCBWI Winter Conference. Cross fingers!

I love our SCBWI! Thank you to the fabulous volunteers who make our region so amazing. You guys are great!

my blog: