Friday, November 20, 2009

Studio tours: Jennifer K. Mann

Here's a panoramic view of Jennifer K. Mann's studio (click the image to enlarge it).

I work in a converted space at the back of my long, skinny garage. It's really pretty cozy. When I am sitting at my laptop, I look out through a nice glass door to my lovely northwest-y back yard (opposite the orange door which leads to the garage, aka storage unit). When I am drawing or painting, I sit under the desk lamps, where my fat cat likes to sit too. (sorry, no picture of Franny today) My studio space is about 12 x 15, has some daylight, some track lighting, some concrete, some drywall, some spiderwebs, and I use it for writing, illustrating, printmaking, painting, and whatever else I might be doing that involves making a mess.

And here's my favorite part: her dog.

My dog Dayo likes to hang out here with me while I work. He snores under the computer table when he is not asking to be allowed outside to bark at the wind or play ball.

See more on Jennifer Mann's blog.


Kjersten said...

I LOVE this! Thanks for posting, Martha. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. Funny, I just put pictures up of my own studio on my own blog. There must be something in the radio waves today. Or something.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

It's inspiring to see other artists' spaces. There is some serious creativity going on in there. Thanks, Martha for giving us all a look. Thanks Jennifer for being you, and for not being all freaked out about neatyness. Don't get me wrong, it looks neat in its own way. Spartan in fact. The nice Spartans.