Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How you can improve your characters' epiphanies

Darcy Pattison has a longish post on the art of the epiphany--that moment in a story where your character reveals something vital. Here's the top:
“And then, it suddenly dawned on her.”

That phrase is the ultimate cliche for a character epiphany. The term epiphany was originally a religious term referring to the physical appearance of a deity. In fiction, it’s the point at which truth appears before a character; the character learns or understands something.

Elaine Marie Alphin, author of Creating Characters Kids Will Love (Writer’s Digest) and several novels, says, “The epiphany is the moment of self-realization; it’s when the character’s change and growth hits him or her, even if the character doesn’t fully understand it.”

And here's the rest.

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