Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Secrets of Landing an Agent, Part II: The Agent!

Yesterday we interviewed Katherine Grace Bond, newly agented and still giddy with happiness, about recently signing with Awesome Agent Sara Crow of Harvey Klinger.

Today we hear from Sara herself about why Katherine's query stood out, and how you can make your query more interesting to the agents you hope to work with - welcome, Sara, and thank you for sharing your wisdom!


SARA CROWE: I am thrilled to be working with Katherine on her debut YA novel. I just looked back at her emailed query to attempt to pinpoint what made me request it, and noticed that she did not describe the book at all in the body of the query, which is not standard, and not usually a good idea! But she had a great opening line:

"I’m querying because you are a friend to poets (don’t worry; this isn’t a poetry collection), seem to like theatre-types, and represent the fabulous Randy Powell, who once trekked from Seattle to visit and critique my teenage writing group, even though I was too poor to even buy him a cup of coffee..."


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