Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to our annual conference #scbwiwwa

For the first time, we'll be blogging live from the conference floor--both to provide a record for attendees, and to give a hint of the inspirational, insightful, and unforgettable insights of our faculty.

We're lucky to have experienced live bloggers Jolie Stekly and Jaime Temairik on our team. I'm the third wheel--something indispensable on a tricycle, and perhaps less so when it comes to conference blogging. We'll see.

Here's a reminder of who's speaking. Stay tuned for the rest of our posts! 


Traci Bixby said...

Yay! Thanks for blogging the conference. It's so much appreciated! Wish I could be there! Hope it is wonderful for all.

Kjersten said...

Oh goodness, now I'll never sleep. Thanks ladies!

Kjersten said...

P.S. 9:06 AM your time = 12:06 AM my time.