Saturday, April 10, 2010

How healthy is the children's book market? #scbwiwwa

Sara Crowe: Contemporary market is harder (dystopian, paranormal bigger right now). She views contemporary fiction as really important, though.

Michael Bourret: Children's book market healthier--more sales. Healthier worldwide, too. Clearly people in the industry have lost jobs, though.

Edward Necarsulmer: There is still room for really good contemporary work. It's finding axis between commercial appeal and literary demands. Find a story where something actually happens that accompanies that great voice.

Elizabeth Law: The market always has hot spots, but the bestseller list isn't all about any one thing. Watch out about blaming the marketplace or what's trendy instead of looking at your writing.

Jordan Brown: There is no secret ingredient you can stick in your manuscript and have a bestseller. It's how you work with the elements. The ebook thing is "kind of scary." Up till now, electronic has meant free. Not necessarily the case here. The Kindle device says, "We want to buy stuff. I want to buy books with this."

Lynne Polvino: There might have been overpublishing going on before economy soured. Even good books weren't selling. They're being more selective, now. We should be more selective about what we send and hone craft even more.

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