Friday, April 16, 2010


This bit comes from Publishers Weekly, and yeah, I'm a little late getting to it but I seem to recall being sort of busy last weekend. Anyhoo:

The iPad Meets the Children's Book
Apps for kids' stories start to proliferate for Apple's newest product
By Karen Springen -- Publishers Weekly, 4/8/2010 4:54:00 PM

Apr8AppsMissSpiderInteriorJUMP"An interior image from Calloway's 'Miss Spider' app."On launch day last Saturday, Apple sold more than 300,000 iPads—and users downloaded more than one million apps and more than 250,000 ebooks from the iBookstore. Parents immediately started snapping up picture book apps from Apple's online store. In fact, children's stories held six of the top 10 paid iPad book-app sales spots as of press time. Typical prices for children's book apps range anywhere from $2.99 for The Cat in the Hat to $9.99 for Miss Spider's Tea Party.

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Really, though, this is the thing that everyone--and by everyone, I mean Peter Brown--is talking about:

It sure does look fun to turn a book this way and that and watch Alice's neck get long, but I dunno. To me, that gets in the way of the story. Also, it calls to mind those little floaty pens that make the cows go back into the barn or what have you. It's fun once or twice. After that? Yawn. At least when it comes to books. Games are another story.

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