Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fearless Writing in Portland, April 18-19th

If you've ever found yourself stopped cold by unexpected change, doubt in your own abilities, uncertain outcome, or unfamiliar economic, technological, or social conditions... if you're tired of this, Fearless Writing offers a way to stop being stopped.
Years ago, I was lucky enough to attend a very short overview of Crescent Dragonwagon's Fearless Writing course for free at the King County Regional Library in Bellevue. It was life changing, and ever since I've been waiting not-so-very-patiently for her to come back to the Pacific Northwest so I could get the full experience.

I just found out she'll be in Portland on April 18-19th! Unfortunately for me, I have other commitments and will have to pass (drat!), but that's lucky for you, because there are a very limited number of spaces available. Click here for all the details!

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