Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take a class with Jaime Temairik

If you're an aspiring picture book author, you can sign up for a class with the one and only Jaime Temairik, who's been hired as an instructor by the University of Washington. It'll meet eight times this summer, in the evening so that people with day jobs can attend.

Here's the description:

Designed for aspiring and published illustrators and authors of children's 32-page picture books, this course explores the visual side of writing picture books through workshops, discussions, and critiques.

Working from an original story or re-told folktale, participants:

  • Develop a complete 32-page book dummy and work toward the final art.

  • Evaluate ways in which a manuscript can suggest visual scenes and how illustrations enhance the narrative qualities of a manuscript.

  • Explore character details, word choice, visual research, pacing, art styles, media, point-of-view, and manuscript revision.

  • Learn techniques for seamlessly integrating a story's words and pictures.

Illustrators and authors of children's chapter books are also welcome. This course complements the University of Washington Extension certificate program in Writing for Children.

Find out how and when to register here.

Noted local illustrators Julie Paschkis and Paul Schmid will make guest appearances.

And here's one of Jaime's illustrations. Wouldn't you love to be able to paint like that?

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