Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good news for Lida Enche

At our last meeting, Lida Enche announced a seasonally arranged, Puget Sound local foods cookbook that she designed and illustrated. (The non-profit Cascade Harvest Coalition hired her to do it as a fundraiser).

At the time of the meeting, it was unclear where it was going to get sold. Good news--they have just launched selling it on their website.

If people are interested in purchasing the book, they can go to her blog, where there's a direct link to the page where it can be purchased.

Here's what they say about the book :

"Fresh!" Seasonal Recipes with Local Ingredients - We are thrilled to offer our first full length cookbook featuring local chefs and farmers including Tom Douglas, Jeff Miller, and Seth Caswell. Local artist Lida Enche filled the 80-page layout with original woodcuts and illustrations of stunning beauty. Honey bees, salmon and ladybugs swim across the floral backdrop.

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