Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smells like a good review

Suzanne Selfors joins the elite ranks of people not eviscerated by Kirkus; indeed, the notoriously critical journal gives her a STAR.

It's for SMELLS LIKE DOG, out on May 1 from Little, Brown.

In other news, she's hired an animator to create fun new home page for Smells Like Dog on her website.

Here's that review. Congratulations, Suzanne!

Starred Review, Kirkus
"Selfors offers up an adventure tale that features a humorous, high-stakes mystery and a lovable hero. Twelve-year-old Homer Pudding lives on a goat farm but dreams of growing up to be a great treasure hunter like his uncle, Drake Pudding. Drake spent most of his career searching for the greatest mass of loot collected by another great treasure hunter, the late Rumpold Smeller. When Drake dies under mysterious circumstances, he bequeaths a sad-eyed basset hound named Dog to Homer. Attached to Dog’s collar is a coin etched with the letters L.O.S.T. As Homer races to decipher the meaning of L.O.S.T., find Smeller’s treasure and locate the whereabouts of Drake’s vast library, he discovers a valuable secret about Dog. Along the way, Homer encounters the devious Madame la Directeur, the pink-haired homeless girl Lorelei, Ajitabh, the inventor of the cloudcopter, and other equally memorable characters who help or hinder his quest. Peppered with funny dialogue, this joyous romp is a page-turning adventure that will appeal to enthusiastic and reluctant readers alike."

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