Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give a shout-out to National Grammar Day!

This is Holly, here to say what our brilliant, dedicated, yet profoundly humble and loveable Martha would not say for herself:

Today is March 4th, the only day that is both a date AND an imperative - but more importantly, it is the only national holiday (seriously! look it up!) that was coined by our very own Martha Brockenbrough, the grammar genius behind THINGS THAT MAKE US [SIC] (illustrated by our friend Jaime Temairik). It's National Grammar Day!

And if that isn't a reason to march forth and pick up a hilarious look at the English language (and toast fabulous friends), I don't know what is.

You can also join The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, friend them on Facebook or follow the blog.

Go on, march!

1 comment:

jesse joshua watson said...

A day late and a bloody dollar short. Still... HOORAY MARTHA! Our NW GEM! And, because I am inspired by some SIC people I so admire, I will share my word verification: HARIM. In my mind it is a redneck interpretation of "harem" and I am laughing. Though, the moment I click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT, I will recant, realizing the idiocy of my comment. sigh.

Regardless, Things That Make Us SIC is wonderful and worthy of buying for yourself and for gifts. And our Martha is a (seriously) National Treasure. (Random Caps just my own personal rebellion to good grammar. XO)