Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nina Hess: editor extraordinaire

We're lucky to have in our midst Nina Hess, who edited this perfect-for-Halloween gem:

A Practical Guide to Vampires
How old is a vampire fledgling? Why do vampires avoid mirrors? What’s the best way to slip into a vampire’s lair? New York Times best-selling author Lisa Trumbauer illuminates the twilight world of vampires in the next edition in the Practical Guide family of fantasy essentials.

Learn more about the book and the series here.

Nina would never tell you this, but she also happens to be author of the bestselling A Practical Guide to Monsters, which is part of the same series.

And Nina teaches the winter track of the UW Extension Course's writing-for-children program. Many of our published authors launched careers through this program, so give it a look if you want to take your skills to a new level.

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