Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good news for Trudi Trueit

Trudi is the author of a number of adorable middle grade books and she reports that Scholastic Book Clubs just bought the rights to sell Secrets of a Lab Rat #1: No Girls Allowed (Dogs Okay). The book should be featured in the take-home flyers for kids in January, 2010. She's tickled because the next book in the series (Mom, There's a Dinosaur in Beeson's Lake) is due out in February and Secrets No. 1 also goes to paperback in February, so the timing for everything is primo.

What's more, she's teaching a class for kids that sounds just great. Here's the announcement:

Do you know a kid with a natural funny bone?
Trudi Trueit, author of sixty children's books including the Secrets of a Lab Rat (Simon and Schuster) and Julep O’Toole (Penguin) series is teaching a workshop for young writers on how to write humorous fiction. There will be games, prizes and a free autographed copy of Julep O'Toole: Confessions of a Middle Child for each participant. The workshop is set for Saturday, November 7th, 2009, from 11 am to noon at the Marysville Library, 6120 Grove Street, Marysville, WA 98270. Grades 3 and up. Space is limited so pre-registration is required. Call 360-658-5000 to register.

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