Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seattle Bookfest: Saturday schedule

I snagged this directly from the Bookfest site. Look how many familiar names and faces you can see in this lineup, coordinated by Secret Garden Books in Ballard!

A Day at the Market [Sat 11:00] Sara Anderson

The fish mongers, buskers, farmers, and dumpster divers of the Pike Place Market are artist Sara Anderson's family and she will bring a pocketful of them to the Bookfest stage to share the taste of her daily life she has recreated in her picture book, A Day at the Market. FOR AGES 0-8

Of Fairy Wings and Horsey Things [Sat 11:30] Tara Larsen Chang, Jo Gershman

How does a girl become a magical fairy? How do you make a horse into a fairy horse? How do two artists become children's book illustrators? Tara and Jo talk about creating their Fairy Chronicles and Wind Dancer characters and then give a drawing demonstration that you can help with. And you can design your own fairy or fairy horse and make it as magical or realistic as you wish! FOR AGES 6-12

PANEL: So you wanna write a kids book? [Sat Noon] Royce Buckingham, Amanda Noll, Joni Sensel, Clete Smith, Samantha R. Vamos, Jim Whiting

A panel of six published authors, ranging from first-timers already attracting rave reviews to veterans with dozens of books to their credit, will discuss the basics of breaking into kids' book publishing. Topics include turning your idea into a professional manuscript, feeding your dream while understanding the business, how to pitch editors and agents, common myths about writing for kids and much more. There will also be plenty of time for questions. FOR ADULTS

PANEL: Art, Death & Oddness in Teen Novels [Sat 1:00pm] Sean Beaudoin, Liz Gallagher, Amber Kizer

Three local authors of young adult books discuss where they get their ideas and why writing for teens is awesome. From realistic coming-of-age fiction about a girl emerging from her cocoon, to the genre-bending story of a girl who might be going crazy (and is haunted by an ice cream truck), to the journey of a half-angel taking control of her destiny, meet exciting new characters and the writers who created them. FOR AGES 12-22

PANEL: Where Do You Get Your Ideas? [Sat 2:00pm] Mary Jane Beaufrand, Peggy King Anderson

Are you a budding writer but don't know where to start? Peggy King Anderson and Mary Jane Beaufrand, two writers of Children's and Young Adult Fiction (not to mention writing buddies from way back), will discuss this question that writers get asked most frequently. Together, we'll explore some sources of inspiration to help you jump-start your creativity! FOR AGES 8+

MAD LIBS PARTY [Sat 3:00pm] Master of Ceremonies: Kim Baker

Penguin celebrated the 50th birthday of Mad Libs last year...come join us as we play a few rounds, and see why the best party game has been giddily around for so long! Kim Baker is the perfect ringmaster for our fun, as she brings out the funny in kids and herself. FOR AGES 6-12

Zolyan Dance Performance and Reading from Stealing Death [Sat 3:30pm] Janet Lee Carey

Get into the beat! Join author Janet Lee Carey and dancer Aina Braxton as they celebrate Janet's latest YA fantasy through dancing and dramatic reading. Be the first to win a free signed copy of Stealing Death! FOR AGES 12-17

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE [Sat 4:00pm] Kevin Emerson & "The Board of Education: Literary Edition"

Let's Get SIC, Seattle & GRAMMAR BEE [Sat 5:00pm] Martha Brockenbrough

If you cry on the inside when you get spam that says, "I hear your looking for a fling," then you won't want to miss the [SIC] hour at Seattle Bookfest. Martha Brockenbrough, author of the loopy grammar guide Things That Make Us [Sic], will be your host. She'll read from her book, sympathize as you share your own grammar pet peeves, do surprising and educational things with a large chicken, and emcee a rousing grammar bee (the winner gets a handsome orange button because, sadly, there is very little money in punctuation and syntax). FOR AGES 8+

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