Friday, October 16, 2009

Art Director after a conference

Anybody ever felt completely pooped after a big conference or retreat?

Those who remember Laurent Linn's acting performance in Kim Baker's tribute to SCBWI video (played during last spring's conference) may appreciate a new video Laurent made with author-illustrator, Yuyi Morales, expressing that post-retreat/conference fatigue.

To understand the video, first watch "David After The Dentist:"

The art samples featured in the below video belong to me (Kjersten Anna Hayes) and Yuyi Morales. I'm glad Laurent didn't react this way to my samples the first time he saw them!

Laurent and Yuyi made the video after the SCBWI Nevada mentor program retreat last weekend (which was fantastic! Don't let the video fool you). The male voice speaking to Laurent in the background belongs to Jim Averbeck.


Angelina C. Hansen said...

Now it all makes more sense. I saw the Laurent video last week, but without the David/Dentist one. Thanks for the insight and welcome home.

Joni said...

Hilarious! Can SCBWI WWA adopt Laurent?