Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do free sample chapters sell books?

The short answer? Yes.

Some other interesting nuggets from the Frankfurt Book Fair:
  • Women are spending nearly 70 percent more time browsing books online than men do.
  • The most popular genre of books browsed online is romance novels, followed by books for tweens/teens and business books.
  • The peak time for browsing romance titles is 11pm – 1am, in contrast to 4pm - 11pm for tween/teen books and 9am – 5pm for business books.
  • An average reader spends more than 15 minutes browsing a book. They also preview an average of 46 pages of each book they browse.
  • Adults are more likely to share links to content via email, while younger readers prefer to share within social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Some takeaway for us: If we're scheduling chats or other online events with teen readers, shoot for that 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. window. And, make sure you have a Facebook presence--a fan page, perhaps--as well as a MySpace profile. It pays to be where your potential audience is.

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