Friday, October 30, 2009

Sylvan Dell submission guidelines

They've updated their submission guidelines:

The picture books that we publish are usually, but not always, fictional stories that relate to animals, nature, the environment, and science. All books should subtly convey an educational theme through a warm story that is fun to read and that will grab a child’s attention. Each book has a three to five page "For Creative Minds" section to reinforce the educational component of the book itself. This section will have a craft and/or game as well as “fun facts” to be shared by the parent, teacher, or other adult. Authors do not need to supply this information but may be actively involved in its development if they would like. We do accept simultaneous submissions.

Manuscripts must be less than 1500 words and must meet ALL of the following four criteria:

Fun to read – mostly fiction with non-fiction facts woven into the story
National or regional in scope
Must be able to tie into early elementary school curriculum in some way
Must be marketable through a niche market such as zoo, aquarium, or museum gift shop

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You can also get a preview of their spring titles here.

Thanks to Laurie Thompson for the alert.

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