Saturday, April 16, 2011

First-Time Attendees Tips from Jolie Stekly #SCBWIWWA

Jolie is welcoming us all and sharing some delicious trivia: the most common question asked by a first-time attendee: What should I wear?

Jolie Stekly welcoming the crowd
Fortunately, everyone got the message this is not a clothing-optional conference. Everyone is appropriately dressed. Yay!

The room is now buzzing as people introduce themselves to each other. That's one of the key things you get from a conference--the chance to meet other writers and illustrators. These people can become invaluable support in your creative endeavors.

Jolie reminded us of a key question to ask each other throughout the weekend: What are you working on? (It's good to have your own answer to that question on the tip of your tongue, too.)

She's also giving the many bloggers in the room a good reminder--not to share every detail of every speech you hear on your blog. We do love recaps of sessions and events, but our speakers own their content and often share it with different regions, and we don't want to give away too much information.

She's offering a handy tip: When a speaker uses a word or bit of jargon that isn't familiar to you, write it down in your notebook. Later, find someone with an "ASK ME" sticker on their name tag. Those people are eager to help you get answers to all your questions about creating children's books.

And she's reminding attendees what conferences will do for you, including giving you opportunities to learn from the faculty, be inspired, get feedback on your work through consultations and first-pages sessions, and make connections with other writers and illustrators.

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