Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Studio tours: Dana Sullivan

And now we have the studio of Dana "Sticky Love" Sullivan. You'll have to click to see the larger version because Dana cannot--CANNOT--be contained in small spaces, apparently.

I have been so impressed with the neatness of these studios! As you can see, I operate in a Zen-like clutter that enables me to think freely while frantically rearranging piles trying to find whatever it was I was just working on. And spilling. I do a lot of that too. I keep myself surrounded by images or totems of my muses: my sweet Vicki; my late, lamented dog Max (he's in the urn - it's not as creepy as you would think); and Captain Underpants. I work on the computer (I give thanks to Apple) and with Sharpies and watercolor. I have a short attention span, so oils and pastels just never really cut it for me. Heck, I have a hard time waiting for my watercolors to dry.

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