Thursday, December 3, 2009

Potential opportunity for illustrators

An SCBWI member from San Francisco recently sent us this:
Pearl Cards is a collaborative storytelling game in which players tell a story together, using fine art and photographic images as creative cues. The game consists of decks of cards displaying these images. Right now, all the images are from the public domain, but in the future, we'll be producing decks containing submitted art and photography, for which we will pay the artists and photographers. Contributors will be able to choose between licensing their work to us and being paid royalties, or selling it outright for a flat price.

Special note to SCBWI illustrators: If we get enough good submissions from illustrators with work appearing in published children's books, we'll do a deck devoted exclusively to them, and the captions on the cards will not only name them, but list some of the books their work appears in.

In addition to the physical product, there's also a free online version of the game that writers in particular might enjoy. Writing groups might play it together, for example, either for pleasure or as a brainstorming exercise. Or published authors might offer a lucky fan or group of fans the chance to create a story with them.

You can read more about the artist opportunity or play the free online game here:

Please note that SCBWI Western Washington cannot personally endorse or guarantee this member or his company and makes no claims about the value of this opportunity.

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