Friday, December 4, 2009

December meeting book swap and book drive!

Martha reminded you about the meeting (and cookie contest!) this coming Tuesday, but she forgot to mention the holiday book swap/book drive! (I know. It's so unlike her, isn't it?) Anyway, here are the rules:

  1. Bring in your new or gently used books (up to 20).
  2. Take one ticket for each book you bring.
  3. Place your books on the correct tables: writing or illustrating books, children’s books, or other (but nothing X-rated, please!).
  4. Choose one new (to you!) book for each ticket you hold from any table you like (or not, it's up to you!).
  5. Keep your tickets—-there may be door prizes! Yes, we trust you won’t take more than your fair share, because… leftover books will be donated to an appropriate charity (PageAhead, 826 Seattle, Friends of the Library, etc.).
  6. Revel in the fact that you’ve cleared some space on your shelves, picked up some new reading material, and maybe even done a good deed. Happy Holidays!

So, bring some treats, some books, some holiday cheer, and your notebook, and join us at the Professional Series Meeting on Tuesday, December 8th. See you there!