Thursday, December 3, 2009

Almost entirely gratuitous George Clooney video

Look, there is almost NO reason for me to be posting this video of George Clooney, especially since the censors had to bleep out a certain word that rhymes with duck.

But it's funny and he's George Clooney and he says something important about the role of confidence: it's 99 percent of what you need.


Anonymous said...

Here's to almost entirely gratuitous! Also, you category tag cracked me up. (And the filming of this made it look as if his head is floating in black space.)

Thank you for your curation of the wild, wild web - i appreciate the items you point to, things i might otherwise have missed. ~Jet

Jennifer K. Mann said...

That was four and a half minutes of pure pleasure. That man's floating head can swear and give my kids bad advice any day.