Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good news for Justina Chen

Not only was Justina's book NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL honored with a best YA book of the year designation, the Curator for the distinguished Kerlan Collection of Children's Literature in the University of Minnesota contacted her and asked for her manuscripts and notes.

These will be added to the collection along with the likes of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. She sent an early draft of GIRL OVERBOARD, the notes she took while studying up on snowboarding, and some signed first editions and galleys.

As the kids say these days: ZOMG!

(ZOMG is an updated version of OMG, which stands for Oh My God. The Z, which is next to the shift key, is in there because the typist is theoretically so excited she has hit the Z key as well. And that is it for today's Geezer Vocab News Flash, your source for probably already outdated Internet slang.)

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