Friday, December 4, 2009

Novel revision class with Lois Brandt

Wondering what to do with that NaNoWriMo novel?

Lois Brandt is teaching a novel revision class through Bellevue College’s Publishing Institute. The class meets on Thursday nights for 8 sessions starting January 7th.

This is an intensive hands-on class. You will be expected to work on your novel and complete assignments between class sessions. In-class exercises and critiques will help you recognize the parts of your manuscript that convey story and those that don’t. Each student will compile a list of edits necessary to revise their novel. Prerequisite for the class: a completed draft novel.

The course title is: Novel Re-Vision: Editing Your Manuscript for Story

For more information please follow this link to the Bellevue College website.

If you have any questions about whether this is the right class for you, please feel free to email Lois (

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