Friday, April 7, 2017

Follow along with the SCBWI Western Washington Conference!

Whether you're attending our sold-out conference or not, you can follow along online in a variety of ways.

1. Right here! We'll be blogging the whole weekend.

2. Twitter users: Tag your posts with #scbwiwwa17. Plus, we'll be retweeting photos and posts and whatnot from our @scbwiwwa account.

3. Find us on Instagram! The new SCBWI Western Washington account is here, and you can follow along and/or post with the #scbwiwwa17 hashtag.

4. Share photos with our SCBWI WWA members' Facebook group.

5. Bloggers, if you're covering the conference, send us your posts and we'll do a roundup.

If you're posting pictures anywhere, solemnly swear to try and avoid double chins, zombie-like blinking, and otherwise unflattering photos. Your peers will thank you and write ballads about your good graces.

And for those attending the conference, as noted in your registration, posting highlights and tidbits from talks is encouraged, but extensive coverage is not. Please share your experiences while also respecting speakers' intellectual property.

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