Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SCBWI-WWA stars!

From the laser and proud-as-punch eyes of Dana Sullivan:

Hey, did you all get your SCBWI Winter 2016 Bulletin in the mail? Make sure to take a walk through it to see a LOT of work by your fellow Western Washingtonians. On pages 3 and 23, Rowena Russel has a lovely illustration that goes with an article on critique groups; on page 8, Elizabeth Rose Stanton shows off her writing chops in a full page story charting her SCBWI success story; on page 22, Karen Kincy has a page all about creating a cover for your indie book; on pages 31 - 33, Sarah Romano Diehl has FOUR sweet illustrations of tiny dancers; in the People section, Jessixa Bagley’s BOATS FOR PAPA gets a bushel of awards, and her brand-new BEFORE I LEAVE is announced; and Suzanne Williams gets props (along with co-writer Joan Holub) for her GODDESS GIRLS #19: HEROES IN TRAINING #1 and GRIMMTASTIC GIRLS #7.

Is there something in our Northwest water that grows such talent?

Please forgive me if I missed anybody. Send them in if I did.

If your mail carrier skipped you, then read it online at (you must be logged in to view).
Congratulations, all! 


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