Tuesday, March 29, 2016

April Events


YA = young adult
MG = middle grade
ER = easy reader
PB = picture book
NF = nonfiction
GN = graphic novel

April 2, 1PM
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Liz Wong, Quackers (PB)
Mockingbird Books

April 2, 11AM
Asia Citro, A Little Bit of Dirt: 55+ Science and Art Activities to Reconnect Children with Nature (NF)
University Bookstore, Bellevue

April 5, 7PM
Frank Beddor, and Erick Laster, Mad Hatter, Static (YA)
Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park

April 5, 7PM
Peter Brown, The Wild Robot (MG)
University Bookstore, U-District

April 7, 7PM
Jennifer Longo, Up to This Pointe (YA)
Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park

April 7, 7PM
Deb Caletti, Essential Maps for the Lost (YA)
University Bookstore, U-District

April 8, 7PM
Dan Wells, Blue Screen (YA)
Third Place Books, Ravenna

April 8, 7PM
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Thor Hanson and Dana Arnim, Bartholomew Quill: A Crow’s Quest (PB)
Secret Garden Books

April 12, 7PM
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Django Wexler, The Palace of Glass: The Forbidden Library: Volume 3 (YA)
University Bookstore, Mill Creek

April 13, 10:30AM
Mark Holtzen, The Pig War (MG)
Island Books, Mercer Island

April 13, 7PM
Richelle Mead, The Glittering Court (YA)
University Bookstore, U-District

April 16, 11AM
Katherine Pryor, Zora’s Zucchini and Sylvia’s Spinach (PB)
Third Place Books, Ravenna

April 17, 12PM
Eric Morse, What is Punk? (PB-NF)
Third Place Books, Ravenna

April 18, 7PM
J.A. Pitts and Camille Gripe, Night Terrors and New Charity Blues (YA)
University Bookstore, U District

April, 23, 2PM
Gary Schwartz, The King of Average (MG)
University Bookstore, Bellevue

Events scheduled all over - see your favorite local bookstores for specific details. Celebrate your indies, and support their efforts on behalf of all our favorite authors!
April 30, 9AM
Emerald City Author Event
Featuring over 50 YA, contemporary romance, paranormal, and urban fantasy authors all together in one place, Emerald City Author Event is one of the largest and most exciting book signing events in the Pacific Northwest. And we'll be there in the middle of all the excitement with books by the many talented authors in attendance!
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle Center
For full details and to see if your favorite authors will be there, visit: emeraldcityauthorevent.blogspot.com/.

April 30, 11AM
Special StoryTime! with Elizabeth Rose Stanton, Ben Clanton, and Kevan Atteberry (PB)
University Bookstore, U-District (in honor of Independent Bookstore Day)

April 30, 11AM

Michael Shafbuch, S is for Seattle (PB)
Third Place Books, Ravenna

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