Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PAL members: Get your book on the beach — free (before Friday!)

SCBWI members at the "published and listed" (PAL) level — don't miss the chance to have one of your book titles included on the new "Summer Reading List" now being compiled by SCBWI International. If you missed the PAL member email with info, key tidbits include:

You do this:
 - Assemble the following information: ONE title, author and/or illustrator names, your (member) name if it's not already obvious, and a book description of 25 words or less. Separately (as in, not in the book description, but in additional data that won't be included in the list), indicate the genre, audience's grade level, and where you live. (Indicate one of these genres: Adventure/Mystery, Humorous, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Picture Book, Series Book)
- Email that info to by day's end on Thursday, 3/31.

SCBWI will do this:
 - Put together lists by region, grade level, and genre, and make them available far and wide, both digitally and in hard copy.

Teachers, librarians, and readers will do this:
Get sand between pages and read.

Note: This particular opportunity is for traditionally published books by PAL members only. Self-published titles are not eligible this time.

Get going; summer's coming!

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