Thursday, September 19, 2013

Storytime with Dana and Ozzie Friday Morning at Third Place Books!

Dana Sullivan will be worrying all night about reading Friday, 10 a.m. at Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. Come help him with the big words and the little kids. Maybe bring some of your own (words AND kids). This is Dana's first reading so he asked veterans Deb Lund and Wendy Wahman what to do. One told him not to yell at the parents and the other told him "no biting." You guess who said what. He hopes to see you there! (he also thinks it's weird to write in the third person, in case you were wondering)

Hey, guess what? Ozzie and the Art Contest made the ABC (American Booksellers for Children) list of 2013 Best Books for Children! "Whoo too!" said Dana.

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