Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey look! We've got a handy events calendar!

Now you can check out kidlit events in our region at a glance with our new SCBWI WWA events calendar. It's right here on our blog. See that tab near the top? Click it.

From there you can change the view to a list (Agenda), see just a week at a time, or view a future month.

 Click an event to see details in a pop-up box. You can even get maps to the location!

You can also click to a full-screen view that color-codes the events: little blue boxes in the event indicate an official SCBWI event, green is a bookstore event, and red is an Advisory Committee meeting. (If you go to the full-screen version, Google may ask if you want to add this calendar. Say yes to be able to access it.)
Cool, huh?